Visible effects of our orgone generators

Visible effects

This compilation of visible effects is meant to give the reader an idea of orgonite's energetic power, and add to the vast amount of already existing empirical evidence that shows us orgonite works. We can observe visible effets on plants, water, the sky and animal behavior. Also note that visible effects are only a small part of orgonite's genuine effects.

Barkers Veg harvested Step 3rd Brighton, UK 2009.

Top Veg from orgonite Section with poorer Soil than bottom control group.

On water

These ice stalagmites formed by freezing water exposed to a strong orgone field.

On the atmosphere

Pictures from various contributors.

During the provincial gathering at "Orgone Technologies Research Center" in 2004, Claude took these pictures every 15 minutes above the cloud-buster which we just installed.

After 15 minutes

After 30 minutes

After 45 minutes

After an hour

After 75 minutes

3 cloud-busters

May 18th and 19th, 2011

For more than a week, we had cloudy weather with few sunny spells. This situation was difficult for our mood, especially since the spring has been very rainy so far. I, therefore, thought that it was necessary to use greater means than the simple CB that I possessed to overcome this dull weather. I have two new Cloud Busters on my land.

It is always difficult to judge whether the heavy rain for several days is negative or not. It is normally negative when the climate is stagnant: the longer the situation remains still, the more the climate is likely to be caused by negative energy.

In this case, following coverage of almost a week, two CBs were put into operation and joined the existing one. The three were placed at the same angle to see if a blue hole would appear directly overhead, which it did not.

The beautiful crystals that will go into the CB right now

The beautiful crystals that will go into the CB right now

Here are the CBs positioned, the two new ones on the left and in the center and the old one on the right.

After half an hour, the cover had thinned and some sunny spells were visible. After an hour it started to rain and we had overcast weather for the rest of the afternoon.

The next day around 4 p.m. the sky finally cleared up until sunset. There was a strong presence of cumulus clouds and white vapor rising into the sky. What you normally see when you come back from a gifting tour and the sky is full of positive energy. This makes me say that the clearance is due to the pretty devices

A cloud-buster on the mountain

This summer, we positioned a CB on top of a small mountain. Before positioning the sky was completely overcast. 

Opportunities to photograph weather conditions that directly link the cloud condition to orgonite are quite rare, but this time it was easy to see the effect the camera had on the weather.
On the next shot, we see the effect that the cb had on the cloud mass directly above, a few minutes after having positioned it.
The cloudy reaction to the cloud-buster less than half an hour after setting it up. The device is located on the top of the mountain, near the rock face.

This device is private property, and it was installed here for a specific purpose. It is part of a province-wide testing program aimed at reducing air pollution, smog and electrosmog as well as restoring other environmental variables.

The device has been installed here by qualified persons and should not be touched, moved or obviously destroyed or treated as waste. The future may depend on it.

If the presence of this device disturbs the owner of this place, please do not undertake any removal or dismantling and notify us at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Otherwise, please move on.

We positioned the Cb on the side of the mountain so that we could observe it quite easily on the side of the road. So, in case of doubt we could go and check if he was still there. It has been in place for several months and has not moved, withstanding two particularly violent storms that hit our region this summer.The following week we saw a black helicopter hover very low over the mountain. Helicopter passages are quite rare here, and when it happens to a place where we have just put a Cb we are entitled to find it suspicious. If anyone ever sees this device, we put a little text on the front of the device, composed by Francis, which goes as follows:

The Cb is quite old as evidenced by the oxidation on the copper pipes: it is the very first one I have built, but it is very effective.
We went back in 2010 to see how the cb was doing since we haven't lived in the area for a long time. To our surprise, it hasn't moved at all, only the letter we left has deteriorated over time. There were small thickets that had made their way to the base of the craft and the vegetation around it was definitely thicker than elsewhere.
We left with the firm conviction that nature protected the cb very well, with hindsight perhaps the note was superfluous.

Chemtrail pictures

This section aims to demonstrate the existence of chemtrails through some photos and articles.

Faced with the general status quo of people seeing nothing abnormal in the spreading that has been raging for more than ten years, and faced with the astonishing amount of evidence, articles and documents demonstrating their existence, we could not do other than writing a section to that effect.

The word "chemtrail" is derived from "contrail", a word which refers to the normal condensation that forms at the exit of an aircraft jet engine. The term chemtrail appeared about fifteen years ago when spraying began intensively above the skies of large cities. At that time, many people became concerned and began to question the government using petitions to clarify the purpose of this or these spreading programs.

3 shots of the same sky

The shading that is created here shows that there are more than small water crystals in these trails.

Here they are polymers settling on the ground in the spring during the snowmelt: physical proof of the existence of chemtrails. I took and kept a sample of this "moss". In a word: repulsive.

Abnormal plane flight photographed in Quebec

I don't think it's legal to keep such a short distance between two large planes. They don't contrail because they fly at too low an altitude, which demonstrates that when they emit a contrail, it's not just condensation.

Two more planes following each other very closely, notice the difference in color between the two tracks.

The aircraft on the left is emitting what appears to be condensation while the one on the right is probably emitting a chemical spray since it does not fade despite the lead it has with its neighbour. Also notice the fibrous appearance of the trail

You'd think this pilot was drunk while spraying the chemical trails

Ultra HHG and vegetation

Photos showing the impact of an HHG Ultra on vegetation and primarily on two flower trays

Taken on October 24, 2006

Comments :


·         At the beginning of summer 2006, the cedar tree identified by a pink cross suffered severe damages caused by winter.

·         An HHG ultra from Quebec Orgone was placed near the roots of said cedar tree at the end o

·         After two months, positive results were seen.

·         After three months, notable results were seen.

o   The tree was showing signs of healing

o   We were surprised to notice that the flower tray nearest to the tree (5.5 feet away) was blooming with health. Lush, green leaves and vivid red flowers coupled with uncommon hardiness.

o   Surprisingly, on Friday october 20 2006, the first snow fall of the year occured, with a temperate around freezing point.The picture above was taken on october 24 and we can see the flowers near the HHG (left tray) are still healthy as opposed to the other tray which was really affected by the recent temperature drop.

·         It seems like the range of the HHG Ultra is about 10 feet in radius. After which, its influence progressively drops.

·         It is interesting to note that the trays are supported on the house, about 1.5 feet above the ground. This seems to indicate the effective field of the HHG Ultra is spherical in nature. Any object within this sphere is affected by the generator. We wonder if this sphere also penetrates the ground with the same volume and strenght.

Here's another picture taken on September 20th. You can still see the difference in growth.

Garden test 2004
Visible effects of orgonite devices on a garden

Here's an experience performed in 2004 with the help of my aunt. Each garden had, symetrically:

-6 italian tomato plants (roma)

-2 small cucumber plants

-1 regular cucumber plant

-1 yellow zucchini plant

4 TB's (one at each corner) and one HHG (in the middle) were placed in the orgonised garden.

The main reason why the right garden is twice bigger, in growth, than the control garden is because the ionizing field of a normal HHG is about 15 feet in diameter. This is where the orgonite is most effective.

-front-left = cucumber 
-front and middle right = small cucumbers
-center and behind = tomatoes
-behind left = zucchinis

-June 7 2004-

Staring the experiment. No difference obviously as the garden was just planted.

Here we see a real difference between the two gardens; the plants in the right garden are greener, produce more flowers (therefore more vegetables) and the vegetables are better.

The left garden produces very few cucumbers, and those that grow are often deformed, coma-shaped. The small cucumber plants are starting to die in the left garden.

To this day, there seems to be more tomatoes (still green) in the right garden, although the tomatoes seem to rippen at the same rate on both sides. It's a really bad year for the zuccinis (not dry enough), but we can still see a difference in the color of the leaves (greener on the right).

This basket in the right picture (above) shows some specimens from the right garden. This variety of cucumbers usually reaches 8-10 inches. These easily reached 12-14 inches.

Le panier dans la photo de Droite (ci-haut) démontre quelques spécimens du jardin de droite. Cette variété de concombres se récolte normalement à 8 -10 pouces, ils ont atteint au moins 12-14 pouces.

-front-left = cucumber 
-front and middle right = small cucumbers
-center and behind = tomatoes
-behind left = zucchinis

This following is the best angle to really make a symetrical comparison

July 15

5 weks after planting, the left garden produced a few deformed cucumbers, not shown on the picture.

August 6

August 12

August 12

August 27

September 28

Garden test 2005

Visible effects of orgonite devices on a garden Part 2 - Summer 2005

In 2004, we conducted a test to objectively see if orgone genrators had any effects on plant growth. Results were positive as we noted that a garden with orgonite was at least double in size as well as many other improvements over an identical garden without orgonite.

This year, we undertook the same test.

Both gardens are identical, the same weight in seeds was sowed in the same locations  on both sides. During the whole experiment, the plants were left alone; no fertilizer or pesticide was added and neither garden was artificially watered. Orgone devices in the right garden are 4 TB's and 1 HHG. They are the same devices we used last year.

One difference with last year: only one variety of vegetables were planted in both garden: Waltham butternut squash.

Seeds used to sow the gardens

Orgonised garden

June 24 2005


(Another difference from last year: the devices were not burried and simply left above ground. The 4 TB's and 1 HHG can be seen here)
Control garden
July 13 2005
August 3 2005
Control garden
Orgonised garden
Orgonised garden
Control garden
August 17 2005
Orgonised garden
We had to use another angle to take these pictures due to the large size of the orgonized garden.
Control garden

Visible effects of orgone on chemtrails

Visible effect of orgone on chemtrail - photo report

It was near 1 pm, I went to work in the shop, to build some devices, the usual. Looked up in the sky, and I noticed a MASSIVE spraying operation. That was another attempt to cover the sky in our area, which is highly gifted with hundreds of TB's, other orgonite devices, and a CB.

At 1:15, I decided to take a couple of pictures, having received my new digital camera the same morning, I wanted to test it and document the effect of our devices on the chemtrails.

1h15, east direction

1h15, south direction

1h15, south east

1h15, south south east

1h15, south

1h15 straight above

1h15 The spraying mission is goign on full blast. We can count up to 8 planes every 2-3 minutes.

As you can see, they're furious apparently. They seem determined to cover the sky, which I must specify has been chemtrail free for many, many weeks due to our efforts.I've never seen before in my warrior career so many spew planes at once, in such a short amount of time.

Determined to not let them have it their way, and see things getting worse, I made a call to the Sylphs, the operators, whatever you call them is fine... Right away, the wind picked up... We then notice the trails being pushed towards the south.

At 2h15, I decide to take another round of shots:

2h15, est direction

2h15, north east

2h15, south east direction

2h15, south south east

2h15, straight above

2h45, east

2h45, north

2h45, west
Notice the chemwall near the horizon. Without our efforts it'd be just as bad above our area...

2h45, south

2h45, south east

2h45, south south weast

14h45, straight above

As you can see here, the spraying is still going on, but it simply will not stick.

So let see East







south-south-east direction




Visible effects of orgone on tap water
Test on tap water, food colouring and a HHG.

Test# 1
On this picture, the HHG was on top of the glass. Notice the difference in concentration of the food colouring...
Test no 2
This is how water and the HHG were placed in the freezer.
When we lift the HHG...
Notice the water accumulation on the HHG. We filled the container a good inch below the lid.
Here's the container with frozen water.
And the ice removed.
Bottom view.
Side view....

Visible effects of orgone on sprouts

Sample A : Exposed during the whole test to an average size orgone generator know as HHG. 

Sample B : Sample without orgonite in a 15 feet radius, but in the dark under same conditions as sample A.

We placed 20 grams of sprouting seeds in each pot as shown in the following pictures.

Added 200g of soaking water to each sample

Both samples side by side

After an 8 hour soaking period and 16 hours of initial growth, here's the first reading just before rinsing.

Sample A 54 grams with orgone

Sample B 49 grams

A 5 gram difference

24 hours afters first reading, right before rinsing

Sample A: +9g=64g

Sample B: +4g=53g


We now have an 11g difference between the two samples

24 hours later, before rinsing.

Sample A: +15g=79g

Sample B: + 4g=57g


Side by side

We can clearly see that sample A (exposed to orgonite) had better growth than sample B.

Visible effects of orgonite on ice and water

It's interesting to claim that etheric energy exists and permeates all aspects of everything that exists in the various physical spheres, but these affirmations do not mean anything if they are not backed by real data and demonstrable experiences in the field

More than permeating all mater, orgoone is the energetic base of matter. Being so, it can and does pass through any matter, with varying degree. A material can either decompose (negatively polarised orgone or DOR) or vivify it. With energy, there is no stasis. It affects and is affected by everything that comes in contact with it. 

We know that etheric energy can "be created" by manipulating matter, simply by uniting three elements: a quartz crystal, organic and inorganic matter. 

Orgone influences matter, according to the frequency, density and structure of this matter. To demonstate this, let's look at the following experiments.

Ice stalagmites

One of the most fascinating and interesting tests with etheric energy is to observe this very particular effect on water. Water is a liquid energy vibrating at a much higher frequency than solid matter. This phenomenon reflects the above statement that energy affects matter, independantly of its aspect in the physical sphere: solid, liquid or gaz.

To demonstrate the effect of etheric energy on matter, we can try the following experiment and make some really interesting ice crystals. To do the experiment, we need a cup of pure distilled water, a small bowl or ice tray, a freezer and some orgone generators (HHG or TB).

Place the orgone device (HHG) on top of the freezer, outside. Place a small amount of water in the bowl, an inch is enough, and put it in the freezer. To make sure the experience works, isolate the bowl or tray from any food in the freezer. The various poisons found in processed food and in meat tend to lower (or mobilise) the frequency of orgone, acting as a local inhibitor of etheric energy.

After about an hour, take the bowl or tray out and observe the stalagmites that were formed. 

You can break the ice and place it under your tongue for an energy boost. Another fascinating aspect of these stalagmites is how they ressemble the crystals in the orgone devices that are above the freezer.

If you have a magnifying glass nearby, you can observe structures, inclusions that appear in the ice and are usually quite surprising.

The center crystal

If the crystal inside the generator is a lemurian, the stalagmites will usually be longer in comparison with normal quartz which generates points half an inch long. Rose quartz tends to create a multitude of points, however we do not know why this happens yet.

This simpe experience demonstrates the permeating nature of orgone and its capacity to cross obstacles such as metal, peint, electric cables, freon, isolation, plastic and glass. Etheric energy is withheld by these elements - they absorb a part of the energy wave while it crosses - by it is not stopped completely.

All this makes sense when we realize that all matter is energy and vice-versa. Energy interacting with another more condensed form of energy lowers its frequency. Energy waves vivify the matter it crosses - animal, vegetal and mineral - and is "colored" in turn by this matter.

We know this because we experimented with various added elements that affect the flow, shape and scale or energy fields. As an example, by adding kyanite, a mineral element without quartz, the frequency of etheric energy is transposed higher on the diatonic scale, from F sharp (quartz only) to a C. This mutual effect between quartz and matter is one of the most fascinating aspects of working with orgonite. No doubt, more research is necessary and ongoing.

Have fun with this experience! Make sure you have a camera nearby, because these ice stalagmites evaporate quickly in a couple of seconds after being taken out of the freezer.

- by Cbswork.
Translated back into English from an French translation of the original text.
Unfortunately, the original English version could not be found.  

Cloud buster water

When ice accumulated inside the pipes of a cloud-buster freezes, we can see the energy field reflected in the ice.

The hollow part on the lower right is where the crystal point was in the CB.

These photos were sent by Philippe (thank you).

Experiment with tap water

It seems like distilled water is not required to observe interesting effets. Tap water with food coloring brings interesting results as you can see here:

Visible effects of orgone on the atmosphere

By removing DOR (deadly, stagnant energy) at high altitude, weather can be lightened and moving, therefore productive. Slow-moving weather fronts that stay in place, or cloud-less clear blue skies that last for several days are signs or energy stagnation, or negative non-productive energy. Often, a CB will create a "blue hole" in the clouds right above over a radius of ten kilometers or more.

So here are some photos of blue holes obtained with a CB. The CB is a normal orgonite-based device, the difference being that its effect occur in the atmosphere above.