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All our orgone generator products are based on Wilhelm Reich’s orgone theory. Orgone is also known as life energy, ch’i, or prana. Unlike Reich’s first devices which accumulated surrounding orgone, be it positive or negative, these generate pure energy, transmutating negative energies into positive ones, hence their name “orgone generators”.


Featured Products

Our genuine stones, compressed in different metals by resin, offer you powerful and pure orgonites, each having in their center a quality Quartz AAA, like your computer. Thanks to the molecules of resin and the piezoelectricity of quartz, our orgonites offer you a balanced energy field for you and your environment, protecting you from too many negative waves projected by wifi, bluetooth and especially 5g.

About Quebec Orgone


We contribute to the well-being and personal growth of everyone. We believe in the need for technology in today’s world and the benefits of orgonites to better live with them.

For the bedroom
Our body regenerates with positive ions so a more restorative sleep with elevation of love frequency, yes now!
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For the kitchen or/and the office
You surround positive ions with the addition of creative stones, yes please!
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For the hole house
Negative ions surround us in our electronic essentials, let’s change them into positive ions for the well-being of all!
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